Bellows Falls Housing – 9 Pine Street Bellows Falls, VT

This renovation was the most extensive of all of the buildings involved in the Bellows Falls Housing project.

The entire back of the building was repaired to correct extensive water and moisture damages it sustained due to its proximity to the hill located behind the structure.  This included redoing the entire foundation, walls and roof.

With the exception of the massive beams and framework, everything else in the building needed replacement.

Upgrades to the heating and water systems were done as well as sprinkler work.

The building now accommodates a total of six new apartments, including one ADA unit.

Sitework involved new driveways on both sides of building, new walkways in front, new handicap walkway with railings, cutting down of trees and cleaning of the hill behind this building.


Bellows Falls Housing
c/o Housing Vermont
Burlington, VT

William & Frehsee, Inc.

Completed: January 2010

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