Bellows Falls Housing – 66 Williams Street Bellows Falls, VT

This building consisted of a complete renovation and an addition to the back providing tenants with a rear entry stairwell, new laundry facility and a handicap entrance from the new parking lot.  The building consists of a total of five units; the 1st floor unit is built to ADA code.

Solar panels and hot water heaters to supply the four buildings with solar hot water was placed in this structure and tied in to all other buildings in this project.

The historical aspect of this building was a high priority to the Owner.  All colors used and all details on the porches were renovated to keep those beautiful fine points.  Although metal handrails were used throughout due to safety reasons, these complemented the existing handrails nicely.

Extensive sitework was done to make this aesthetically appealing including new concrete walks all around building, parking lot, stamped asphalt paving walkway, and new concrete steps.

Awarded Efficiency Vermont’s “Five Star Plus Energy Rating”


Bellows Falls Housing
c/o Housing Vermont
Burlington, VT

William & Frehsee, Inc.

Completed: January 2010

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